Need Down Payment Money To Purchase Investment Property In Orlando? Here’s What You Can Do

Acquiring an investment property requires capital – not just for the purchase itself but also for the down payment. If you need down payment money to purchase investment property in Orlando, here’s what you can do to get it. If you’re planning on acquiring an investment property you need the money. If you’re getting a […]

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Investment Property In Orlando Buying Checklist – For Investing In

There are many benefits to buy investment property but it should not be done lightly. Do your due diligence and make sure you carefully think through your investment. That’s why we’ve created this “Investment Property In Orlando Buying Checklist” to help you. Use this checklist as a resource if you’re buying in Orlando, anywhere in […]

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Buying Investment Property With A Partner – Investment Home Deals 407-955-5447

Are you looking to acquire real estate investments and maybe considering bringing another investor into the agreement? Then make sure you read this blog post first! Buying investment property with a partner can be a great way to invest, if you follow these 3 strategies… They say “two heads are better than one” and that’s […]

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How To Buy An Investment Property In Orlando With No Deposit

Buying investment property is a great way to build a portfolio that delivers wealth now and sets you up for a comfortable retirement in the future. But buying property can be expensive if you’re not careful. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to buy an investment property in Orlando with no deposit. There are […]

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Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing in FL

Active vs. passive real estate Investing in FL is different than other types of investment opportunities. When you invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and other types of securities, typically you will work with a broker who will collaborate with you to choose the best opportunities that will provide the type of payout you want. You […]

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Turn Key Real Estate Management Services in Orlando – What Should I Look For?

Turn key real estate investing in Orlando FL offers a relatively safe, reliable investment strategy that can provide steady returns on a predictable schedule. There are a handful of great turn key real estate management services in Orlando FL that you can turn to for information on buying, holding, and leveraging rental real estate (without […]

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What Is Turn-Key Real Estate Investing in Orlando FL?

Let’s talk about turn-key real estate investing in Orlando FL. First, there are many ways to invest your hard earned money. You can choose to take your chances with the stock market or buying and selling gold, futures contracts and other commodities. Given the current upswing in the economy, these might be good choices, at […]

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Trust deed investments in Orlando – what to look for and what to avoid

Trust deed investments in Orlando FL can be a fantastic way to earn solid returns and diversify. In fact, trust deed investments are one of the methods that the wealthy use to make much bigger returns on their investments than anything you can get on the open market. In a nutshell, a trust deed investment is a private […]

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How to Use Your IRA to Buy Real Estate in Orlando – Part 2

We wrote a recent article about putting local Orlando investment property into your self directed IRA… if you haven’t checked that one out… head over here. In this article we’ll walk through some more things to look out for and how to use your IRA to buy real estate in Orlando FL. So lets dive […]

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Self Directed IRA For Real Estate – What Are the Rules in Orlando?

We get asked questions all of the time from savvy investors who we work with here at Investment Home Deals. Most of the questions surround buying investment properties in Orlando FL… which we of course know a lot about. But one part of buying an investment property / rental property is how are you going […]

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